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Artistic Director

His philosophy is to share knowledge and constantly inspire others, and he believes in continuous training, which leads to progress and success. This is achieved through our creative work, our warmth and our teamwork, so that our guests have a good time.

Hairstylist Director

It is the heart of the salon. There isn't a guest who doesn't love her for her creativity, for her hair and hair styling skills, but also for the pleasant mood she brings to our place.

Air Balayage

Air balayage was created for one and only purpose, to satisfy most women of all ages, such as those who want to try lightening their hair like the touch of the sun for the first time, but also those who like their natural color at the root and want to lighten from 1 to 5 tones in the lengths and ends, with perfect unity of the natural and the lightened color, so natural, earthy and harmonious. Learn more.


For us, haircuts are the be-all and end-all when it comes to a woman looking to make a new change to her hair. The way we cut your hair is special because we aim for the absolute maximum length of the cutting line, but also for the most natural hair styling and for it to be easily shaped without effort and you always have your personal hair look.Learn more.


To entrust us with the color of your hair, which is the most difficult but also the most creative artistic piece, you should know that the chemistry and diagnosis of the appropriate color in your hair is for us a personalized service that every woman makes her it is unique.Learn more.


It is important when you have the right haircut and it blends harmoniously with your color, it goes without saying that you also want the right hair styling that will highlight your personality. Learn more.

The salon provides services such as:
Haircut | Dyeing | Highlights | Manicure | Pedicure | Shiatsu Massage

In addition, near us you will find many hair care products on sale and even more specialized services for each of our guests!
Look for the new HAIR SPA service we created for you, and relax, with 100% natural extracts and proteins.

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